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Gregg "Letterhead" Chelew

Award Winning

TheAward Gregg "Letterhead" has worked for the Fortune 500 companies for the last ten years.

A large number of asking Gregg to returning every year. His top energy access as Mr.D.Letterman's No. 1 Lookalike has him among 1 of the best impact in the world. Either as a Grasp of Events, or producing a personal Top in a facilities Gregg's uncanny comparison and eccentricity are incomparable.

Gregg's "Letterhead's" Biggest Nights:

  • Buyer Electronics Show, Award for Best Presenter and Demonstration.
  • Opening act for Tony a2z Bennett, (the real one) 3500 attn.
  • NASA's Total annual Christmas Party
  • Johnny Carson's Return, (national-commercial)
  • Millionaire's New Year's Eve Bash at the Las Vegas Hilton, opening up for Three Dog Night
  • Studio Top 10 lists for Tivo, Sheraton Hotels, Toshiba, ATT, Nordstroms, etc...