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Gregg "Letterhead" Chelew

Award Winning

10. I just guess of you as being a brother.

(you actually advice me of Dog Howser. )

9. You will find a slight gap in the ages.

(I just avoid want to kiss you, Grandpa. )

8. Now i am not appeal to to you in that way.

(you actually gotta be the ugliest geek I've ever put eyes on. )

7. My activity is a little complicated at the moment.

(If you hang out very long you might hear cellphone calls from all the other guys I'm discovering right now.)

6. I've got a partner.

(I just prefer my personal male cat and a half gallon of scrumptious ice cream. )

5. I do not date guys where I work.

(I wouldn't date you in the event that you were in the same galaxy, much much less the same building. )

4. It's not you, it's me.

(It's you.)

3. I'm focusing on my career.

(Even something as boring and unfulfilling as my work is better than seeing you. )

2. Now i am chaste.

(I've sworn away only men like you. )

And the #1 elimination line given by simply women....

1. Lets end up being friends.

(Get lost.)